Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Cold Day Drive...Bucks, Eagle, & Larks...

After dropping off the grandson, we made our usual pass through Buck Creek State Park. There, we saw several bucks our early (around 1pm) leading David to believe that a second rut may be occurring.  This lady has a couple of suitors....

A closer look at the alert buck on the right....

And another fellow who stayed back in the brush....

An adult Bald Eagle (on Hodge Rd).

And lots of Horned Larks....

Not a bad day!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

More Buck Creek Snowy Owl

         I stopped by Buck Creek again this morning hoping to see the Snowy feed. That didn't happen, but I was able to get a flight shot and a few good ground images. What an amazing experience! 

Saturday, December 16, 2017

More Buck Creek Snowy....in the Evening Light

     I couldn't resist going back to the Buck Creek Beach this evening.....hoping to see the Snowy Owl in the sweet evening light. With clear skies tonight (and storms on the way tonight) it seemed like a good opportunity. As I crossed toward the beach, I could see several photographers looking toward the beach, so I didn't have to look very long.
     Sure enough, the Snowy was still on the south end of the beach, and as we watched him the light turned golden .....we were able to photography him in the sweet evening light....

Buck Creek Snowy Owl

       A few days ago, David & I drove our usual route through Buck Creek State Park. We were looking for deer, but were keeping a watch  for owls....in particular, Snowy Owls. A recent article from Audubon  predicted an "irruption " of Snowy Owls into the US, and there have been many sightings already this year. 
      We didn't see any on our drive, but noted that several areas, including the beach and adjacent area, that seemed likely habitats for Snowy Owls.
      About dusk last evening, I saw a post on the Ohio Bird list noting that Clark County Birders had found a Snowy at the beach area parking lot. It was too late to head out then but I made plans to head out bright and early this morning. 
      I was up and at the beach area by 7:30. I had expected to see several other birders hoping to see the Snowy, but was alone initially. Another birder arrived, and we walked toward the beach house and adjacent parking area. 
      I initially missed the Snowy, as it was sitting against some debris in the parking area, but the other birder saw it and we were able to get good looks. The camouflage that the Snowy's feathers provide is amazing! 

I waited about another 45 minutes, and the Snowy flew off to the beach area, where it perched atop the bathroom roof briefly. 

It was startled by nearby duck hunters shooting, and again took flight....this time settling down in some brush at the parking lot edge. 

Here, I was able to catch the shot at the top of this post using the Canon 7D MIII and 500 F4 with 1.4x.